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Noah David St. John, Professionally known as Coldsaint, is an American rapper, singer and songwriter. He spent most of his life an outcast, battling several family issues and mental illnesses, including alcoholism, homelessness, physical and mental abuse. To save his mental health and overcome these hardships, he turned to music, and hopes to inspire others to overcome theirs through the power of Hip-Hop.  

Noah was raised in Norwalk, Iowa and began writing at the age of 10 while living with his mother and her various significant-others she was with over the years. In order to cope with his mother’s cancer and the abuses he suffered at the hands of her boyfriends, Noah became Coldsaint at age 13. After being kicked out of his mother’s house at age 15 by his Step-Father, Coldsaint was homeless for four months. Eventually, having no other choice, he was forced to move to Indianola, Iowa to live with his father. Moving to this community was a culture-shock, so instead of trying to fit in, Coldsaint decided to focus on his music instead. In 2014, Coldsaint began pursuing his music career professionally. Despite the myriad of struggles Coldsaint faced at school, he persevered and graduated from Indianola High School in 2018. 

Coldsaint began his career at age 14 at a Talent show in Norwalk high school where he won best performance. Coldsaint has performed in Des Moines at Hoyt Sherman Place and Vaudeville Mews, in Iowa City at Blue Moose Tap House, and Rock Island Supper Club in Illinois. Additionally, he is one of the only Hip-Hop artists to ever perform at the Bill O’ Riley Talent Contest at the Iowa State Fair where he was a semi-finalist. He also toured in Thailand in 2019, performing in the International Folklore Festival. Now at 18, he continues to dedicate himself to his music, honing his craft and developing his following in Des Moines with the S.T.A.L.E. Movement. 

If you would like to book Coldsaint for LIVE performance, hit the button at the bottom of the page!

2022 Update

 At the start of 2022 my following was at a total of 7K, my streaming numbers totaled 8K with 1 single release, I’ve made $800 in merch sales and had 0 accolades. We initiated our marketing phase. Getting the word out about my music and mission with suicide awareness / bullying and accumulating music accalades that would increase my branding appeal, booking value and performance draw were our goals. In March of 2022 we released the Cornbread and No Time Singles on all Major streaming platforms and DRT. We started off with $2500 that was invested into a radio budget for the Cornbread single. In order to develop our budget, we started doing merch sales and building our audience. Things drastically changed when the Cornbread single dropped. Doing our own shows and merch sales increased with the popularity of the Cornbread Single. Along with being asked to do major shows with the likes of Lil Durk, Sleazy World, Jacques and most recently Trina while also self promoting 7 of our own “Cornbread Cookouts” to help promote the single and the upcoming Cornbread Festival in July of 2023.


By May we were playing on 36 different radio stations across the nation, we had charted top 10 on 2 charts and peaked at 64 one space above Adele on the Mainstream Chart. By July our streaming numbers on Spotify broke 100K earning us another plaque. In September we appeared as special guests at BET Award events where we toured IL and the music mecha of Atlanta including new music mondays at the legendary stankonia studios promoting the Cornbread Single and sold $3500 worth of Merch and acquired an American Express Platinum Card for my True Triumph Record Label. ​By November, we had developed a sustainable business model that was earning my 2 businesses no less than $10K a month. We then hired our sales consultant Kevin Posey who In December helped us book an indefinite residency in Davenport, Iowa and acquired endorsements from Dillard’s Department stores and the Netflix Shop. The Netflix endorsement actionables will start in February. Lastly the single No Time went from 648 streams to over 127,000 streams in 2 months.


By the end of 2022 my following grew to 22K, my streams reached 310K, my businesses grossed over $100K for including but not limited to merch sales, paid shows, promotions and sponsorships and I received 4 Plaques.


As we go into our next phase In 2023 we are starting off with 10x our 2022 budget and our projections reflect in the same proportion. 

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